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Five minutes with Nowyouseeme

Emerging, London-based jewellery designer Katarzyna Regel uses pavé-set rubies and diamonds to create contemporary, fun jewellery that celebrates the pout  

March 9, 2020 By Sarah Stockley

Katarzyna Regel, founder of the London-based contemporary jewellery brand Nowyouseeme, is giving a precious twist to classic ruby-red lips.


Nowyouseeme‘s signature style favours colour, with jewellery decorated with pavé-set coloured gemstones, such as rubies. In this new Five Minutes, Regel gives us the lowdown on how she became a jewellery designer and what has inspired her new Nowyouseeme collection.


Tell us a little bit about your brand.

“I started the project, which later became Nowyouseeme by KatarzynaRegel, in early 2019 in London. I wanted to create a colourful contemporary fine jewellery brand that would stand out for its elegance. I decided to use only the finest materials to create beautifully designed and crafted items of jewellery. My first ever collection, Smudged Lips – The Red Edit, accentuates colour through pavé-set rubies and diamonds. All the creations are made with 18ct yellow, white or rose gold. I advocate experimenting with stacking and layering, as well as daring women to wear colourful pieces on a daily basis. Exquisite and alluring, all my pieces are designed to complement one another.”


What inspires your designs?

“I love colour and get inspired by beautiful forms, which could be natural or man made. I live in London and find a huge source of inspiration in this beautiful, multicultural city. When I design, I love showcasing the beauty and colours of gems through pavé setting. My pieces are designed for women who are not afraid to stand out and, like me, love statement pieces. I love the elegance of my collection, especially when paired with a little black dress, jumpsuit or classical tailoring.”


What made you want to become a jewellery designer?

“I initially wanted to study fashion, however, unfortunately, this did not happen at the time and I dreamt of doing something creative ever since. At some point in my life, I made a decision that I definitely wanted to learn about jewellery. I enrolled myself into various jewellery courses at The British Academy of Jewellery and The Goldsmiths’ Centre, as well as doing the GIA Diamond Diploma. Moreover, I was very lucky as I became a member of the National Association of Jewellers, which offered me a short work experience in a workshop in Hatton Garden. All of these experiences allowed me to build up my knowledge, little by little, and at some point I had a clarity that I wanted to create a jewellery brand. All of these efforts led to establishing Nowyouseeme by Katarzyna Regel, which I exhibited during London Fashion Week at The Jewellery Cut Live.”


How are your jewels made?

“All the jewellery pieces are designed by me and produced locally in London using the best craftsmanship that London could offer.”


Tell us about your latest collection.

“I have just launched my brand in January 2020, so The Jewellery Cut Live was my first ever exhibition. I was so happy to showcase my Smudged Lips – The Red Edit collection in front of a diverse audience.”







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