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A short history of the eternal, enduring wedding band

March 17, 2020 . By Anna Loucah

Anna Loucah takes on a trip through ancient cultures as she explores why a simple band is so symbolic, and picks her top four from the history books


Gem Visions 2020/21 trend report at The Jewellery Cut Live

February 9, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Get up to date with cuts, colours, moods and fashion directions with an in-depth live presentation of Swarovski’s renowned jewellery trend forecast


Carol Woolton to talk on two decades of jewels in Vogue

February 4, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Join the editor and author at The Jewellery Cut Live as she takes you behind the scenes of the jewellery pages in the world’s most famous magazine


£10k up for grabs in international jewellery design competition

January 21, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Masters In Creativity is back, with cash prizes up for grabs for innovative designs submitted by creatives from all backgrounds