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A history of hand motifs in jewellery

March 29, 2021 . By Ruby Taglight

As touch becomes untouchable, contemporary jewellery designers are picking up a century-old Surrealist trend by carving hands in jewellery


Britain’s love affair with Georgian jewellery reignited by Bridgerton

March 26, 2021 . By Fay Roach

It was one of the fastest-moving periods of jewellery history as trends jumped from diamonds to paste, and now these rare antique gems are in demand again


Powerful and playful pink gemstones

March 25, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Some might dismiss the saccharine hues of spinels, sapphires and pink diamonds as frivolous, but with rocketing prices these gems are anything but


Suzanne Kalan: “Colour changes people’s mood”

March 23, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

The jewellery designer famed for her baguette-cut gems tells us why colourful jewels are popping in 2021 and how to make this trend luxe