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Playful jewels to leave you tickled pink

May 23, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

From shades that shock to hues that blush, pink is adding a hyper-modern edge to fine jewellery through gems, enamel and vibrant coatings


Let’s talk about Indian jewellery

May 4, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor & Sarah Stockley

As traditions shift and cultures merge, there is a new wave of contemporary Indian-infused jewels that offer a fresh perspective, so is this a new era?


Anabela Chan is turning drinks cans into luxury jewels

April 30, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Ethical jewellery designer is crushing it with new collection Blooms that matches recycled aluminium with lab-grown gemstones


Where do the best emeralds come from?

April 28, 2020 . By David Weinberg

From the well-known intensity of Colombian gems to the surprising clarity offered by Madagascar, David Weinberg takes us on a global tour of emeralds