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Alex Monroe launches podcast with Olivia Coleman

January 13, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Actress shares jewel stories on This is a Token with Alex Monroe, plus 16 more jewellery podcasts to add to your library in 2021  


Whispers of Meroë celebrates unsung Ancient Egyptian history

January 11, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Matturi’s new luxury jewellery collection pays homage to the Nubian queens of the ancient Kingdom of Kush with rich gold, onyx and bespoke gem cuts


Life-affirming garnet jewellery for January birthdays

January 8, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

January’s birthstone garnet is said to boost health, wealth and happiness, and is most commonly found in shades of red, orange and green


Sonia Petroff’s wild costume jewels are just as stylish now as half a century ago

January 7, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

After gathering dust for decades, the jewellery belts and brazen baubles that sing of La Dolce Vita are back as Maria Leoni Sceti revives a family legacy