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Five minutes with Vanessa Pederzani

March 25, 2020 . By Sarah Stockley

This Italian designer is making confidence-boosting fairytale jewellery for modern-day warrior princesses who go to battle in diamonds


Black beauty: The Sewelô diamond

March 24, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

The journey of the world’s unconventional second-largest rough diamond from a Botswana mine to Louis Vuitton’s drawing board


Five minutes with Le Ster

March 23, 2020 . By Sarah Stockley

After interning with Shaun Leane and Paul Ravn, Aishleen Lester created an award-winning brand of jewellery for quiet rebels


Dior’s Moi et Toi collection for modern lovers

March 20, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Couple, thruple, or self-isolating solo lover? This bold new twist on a classic historical jewellery motif has something for everyone