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Sparkling diamonds for April birthdays

April 6, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

This month’s birthstone is a classic gemstone that offers sparkle and versatility, proving the merit of that classic slogan – a diamond is forever


Rachael Taylor joins Roseanna Croft’s podcast

March 31, 2021 . By The Jewellery Cut

The Jewellery Cut co-founder shares the story of her career, discusses the joy of making connections and the role of fate in Design Your Legacy episode


Chaumet Joséphine: A celebration of the pear

March 30, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Elegant and eternally modern, this 15th century gemstone cut is the star of a new jewellery collection from the French maison


A history of hand motifs in jewellery

March 29, 2021 . By Ruby Taglight

As touch becomes untouchable, contemporary jewellery designers are picking up a century-old Surrealist trend by carving hands in jewellery