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Going for ethical gold

November 14, 2018 . By Rachael Taylor

Ian Nicholson’s 12-month project to expose the ethics of gold mining will culminate in a spectacular Goldflair ball in Edinburgh


In no way over the rainbow

November 14, 2018 . By Rachael Taylor

While fashion is busy chasing this sartorial pot of gold, jewellery has been covering it in a magical spectrum of colours.


Initial reaction

November 14, 2018 . By Sophie Hutchinson

From Aoife to Zabana, jewellery’s obsession with pared-back letters means there’s finally a name necklace for everyone


What makes a jewel conceptual?

November 14, 2018 . By Rachael Taylor

From anti-sexist penis pendants to multi-cultural celebrity enamel that comments on race, these jewels say something

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