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Buying and selling jewellery at auction

August 4, 2020  The Resident

How to buy and sell jewellery at an online auction, by Samuel Hill, founder and specialist of Elmwood’s, a new generation of auctioneers


Candy-coloured beads are 2020’s most joyful jewellery trend

August 4, 2020  Vogue

Candy-coloured necklaces have been endorsed by the likes of Dua Lipa, whose own love of ’90s style now extends to plastic beads


A Thousand Facets celebrates 10 years with Meeka Fine Jewelry

August 4, 2020  JCK

34 jewels have been specially commissioned for the anniversary collection from designers including Rachel Atherley, Hannah Blount and Heather Guidero


World's most expensive Peperami launched as a necklace

August 4, 2020  Fashion United

Forget diamonds, the world’s most expensive Peperami has been launched, an 18ct yellow gold necklace worth £1,500, crafted by British engravers


Marie Mas’s summery new gem combo is pure joie de vivre

August 4, 2020  The Jewellery Cut

Stress-relieving mother of pearl and energising malachite are the double act powering Summer Swinging Stones transformable jewels


A peridot a day for August babies

August 4, 2020  The Jewellery Cut

In celebration of this month’s birthstone, we’ll bring you a different jewel each day set with the gem, which is rich in historical lore and healing powers

Fuli Gemstones Peridot