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Thigh jewellery might be the fashion staple we need for hot girl summer 2020

January 28, 2020  Metro

After singer-songwriter JoJo wowed us at the Grammys with her thigh jewellery, we know what we’re going to be wearing in summer 2020


Pearl specialist partners with Marine Stewardship Council to champion sustainable pearl cultivation

January 28, 2020  Professional Jeweller

As the jewellery world gets woke, Matt Aminoff believes the industry should consider the impact of pearl cultivation just as carefully as gemstones


How to buy an engagement ring

January 28, 2020  SL Man

To demystify some of the jargon and explain the dos and don’ts we spoke to jewellery journalist Rachael Taylor and designer Emma Clarkson Webb


The most attention-grabbing jewellery on The Grammys red carpet

January 28, 2020  Vogue

The red-carpet looks were punctuated with the usual diamonds, some unexpected pearls, plus a little Bulgari malachite for good measure


Reinventing the past: A new wave of thoroughly modern jewellery upcycling

January 28, 2020  The Jewellery Cut

Join a panel of savvy jewellers, including Sarah Ho and Susannah Lovis, as they talk about scouring the world for neglected gems and jewels


Five minutes with Alexandra Jacoumis

January 27, 2020  The Jewellery Cut

The Rapunzel of the jewellery world, this designer spends up to a week hand sewing a cotton form that she then transforms into a solid gold jewel