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10 jewels that would make a meaningful Mother’s Day gift

February 24, 2021 . By The Jewellery Cut

It lasts much longer the flowers and is sweeter than chocolates – just two of the reasons to invest in fine jewellery this Mother’s Day


Garrard transports us to opera masquerades with colourful hardstones

February 22, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Face coverings might be essential today, but Fanfare Symphony reminds us of a time when they were the reserve of high society on London’s theatre scene


De Beers celebrates diamond beauty spots with Reflections of Nature

February 19, 2021 . By Rachael Taylor

Rough and polished diamonds come together in high jewellery collection inspired by the diverse locations in which the group mines its stones


Meet the most famous diamond family in the world

February 15, 2021 . By Livia Primo Lack

Lita Asscher shares family secrets, from how her forefather really brought the world’s largest diamond across the seas to plans for a new Asscher cut