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The Jewellery Cut founders star in BAJ podcast

June 26, 2020 . By The Jewellery Cut

Andrew Martyniuk and Rachael Taylor talk jewellery, diversity and lockdown, and reveal plans for The Jewellery Cut Live’s return in September


Hardship fund launched for Black jewellers in the UK

June 23, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Designer Kassandra Lauren Gordon is aiming to raise £14,000 to support Black jewellers and publish a report on racial disparities in the industry


Five minutes with Pia Tonna

June 19, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

The woman who made you fall in love with coloured gemstones is back with a new mission – to get the world excited about peridot


An open letter to the jewellery industry re racism

June 17, 2020 . By Kassandra Lauren Gordon

Jewellery designer Kassandra Lauren Gordon doesn’t want your sympathy, she wants action to level the playing field for Black jewellers

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