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Let’s talk about Indian jewellery

May 4, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor & Sarah Stockley

As traditions shift and cultures merge, there is a new wave of contemporary Indian-infused jewels that offer a fresh perspective, so is this a new era?


Did you know Phil Collins is a jewellery designer?

April 16, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Heart-shaped pendant designed by music superstar comes up for auction at Fellows, as well as Rona Pfeiffer creation worn by Lorde


Annoushka teams with Penguin to launch book club

April 6, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

For the next three months, jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas will be leading us on a literary journey, starting with Girl, Woman, Other


Government lockdown can’t stop alt.BRIDE

March 27, 2020 . By Rachael Taylor

Tomfoolery’s annual alternative engagement ring event was scuppered by Coronavirus, but instead of postponing, it’s simply going digital