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This Katerina Perez boot camp will transform your Instagram account

In her new online course – How to sell jewellery on Instagram – the world’s best-known jewellery influencer is ready to share her expertise

April 20, 2021 By Rachael Taylor

Luxury jewellery can’t be sold on Instagram. This is the most common misconception jewellery influencer Katerina Perez comes up against, and it is a myth she is hoping to bust once and for all with the launch of a specialist online course – How to sell jewellery on Instagram – and help others to achieve the successes she knows are possible.


Katerina’s confidence on this subject comes from experience. While some might struggle to believe that serious jewels change hands via the social media platform, she has, on multiple occasions, facilitated sales of high jewellery – including a necklace priced at more than $100,000 – with a well-chosen Instagram post.


“If you work on building the right audience, Instagram does work for sales and it can elevate a brand’s image,” says Katerina, who before becoming an influencer worked in sales for luxury jewellery brands including Tiffany & Co, Chaumet, Asprey and Boghossian. “I only show high jewellery, so over seven years I’ve managed to build an audience that is interested in high jewellery and can buy it.”


Katerina Perez online course - How to sell jewellery on Instagram

Katerina’s Instagram Tip #1: “Make your avatar catch the eye and highlight your uniqueness in one sentence.”


Unlock the secrets of Instagram

Katerina launched her first How to sell jewellery on Instagram course in October, and the fourth edition will launch on May 3rd, 2021. The seven-week course, which requires a minimum time commitment of four hours a week, according to the social media star, has proved incredibly successful and its growing alumni have reported impressive results.


“Some people have made their first sale through Instagram during the course,” says Katerina. “One person shared that, after completing the course, her post reach [the number of people who see a post] went up 46%. Another said they have now finally cracked the code of building a community, and their engagement rate had increased as a result. These are just a couple of examples of success stories. ”


The course is aimed at jewellery designers, brands, retailers and executives who want to improve their Instagram presence and start selling, or improve sales, through the social media platform. All levels of students are catered for, with lessons covering algorithms, page curation, content creation, growing and engaging with your following, how to write the perfect caption, and advice on how to best use Instagram tools such as stories, ads and the shopping function.


Katerina Perez online course - How to sell jewellery on Instagram

Katerina’s Instagram Tip #2: “Building trust through personal presence will increase sales.”


Flexible learning over seven weeks 

The next How to sell jewellery on Instagram course by Katerina Perez will run from May 3rd to June 20th, 2021, with online lessons spread out over the seven weeks. As well as two 30-minute lessons a week, participants will be offered a number of downloadable guides and checklists crafted by Katerina and her team with advice on how to win at Instagram and hacks on how to make posts more successful and generate sales.


“I guarantee that all the information on the course has been tried by me, and it works, but only if you implement it over a period of time,” says Katerina. “You need to apply these tools on a regular basis to see a growth in your account, and then sales.”


There are three tiers of participation in the course, with prices starting at £300. The elevated gold and platinum packages unlock additional lessons and these students will be given optional homework that will be assessed by the Katerina Perez team. They will also be given access to exclusive networking opportunities with other students in their tier. Those investing in the top platinum package will also have a direct line to Katerina Perez for the duration of the course, and the Instagram pro will personally check their homework and carry out a personal audit of their account or a give a one-to-one consultation.


Katerina Perez online course - How to sell jewellery on Instagram

Katerina’s Instagram Tip #3: “Grow your audience through guest posts, live streams, giveaways and challenges.”


An investment in the future

“I joined many courses in the past, but I have to say that this course was one of the best I have ever taken,” says Christina Brummet, founder of the German jewellery brand Brummé. “I learned so many technical possibilities I didn’t know about before. The most important thing is that I had to work on my Instagram myself, and that needs a lot of self reflection. It was hard work but absolutely necessary, and in the end I changed so many things on my [Instagram] account. Now I’m happy about the new look and I couldn’t have achieved it without the course.”


As well as hearing from Katerina and her team during How to sell jewellery on Instagram, there are additional guest lecturers, including fellow jewellery influencer Preeta Agarwal, who speaks on how to create professional-looking images with a smart phone, and Ksenia Smirnova of design agency 15:03, who shares tips on how to create a seamless brand image by selecting the right font, colours, tone of voice and other visual storytelling skills.


“The idea behind my course is to help jewellers to use Instagram as a selling tool,” says Katerina, who has built an Instagram following of more than 350,000 high jewellery fans by using the same tools she will share with students in the course. “It is a misconception that expensive jewellery doesn’t sell on Instagram. I’m the living proof that it does. You just need to know how to use it.”


Katerina Perez online course - How to sell jewellery on Instagram

Katerina’s Instagram Tip #4: “Treating Instagram like a jewellery catalogue is a mistake.”



Katerina Perez’s How to sell jewellery on Instagram social media course will run from May 3rd to June 20th, 2021. The seven-week online course ranges in price from £300 to £2,000, with limited numbers of places available on the silver, gold and platinum levels. Get more information and find out how to book your place here  


Watch Katerina Perez in conversation with The Jewellery Cut co-founder Rachael Taylor on the subject of social media over on our IGTV now










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