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Hand-painted jewels: A time-honoured art form made modern

January 28, 2022  Katerina Perez

Contemporary jewellers have a huge array of modern techniques at their disposal, some of which are almost as complex as microsurgery


LVMH shines on record sales and Tiffany turnaround progress

January 28, 2022  Shares Magazine

Shares in LVMH rose 1.1% in Paris on Friday after the world's largest luxury goods maker reported an acceleration in fourth quarter sales growth


Diamonds are a dude’s best friend?

January 28, 2022  Vogue

That’s the message at Boucheron, the consistent rule-breaker in the well-behaved world of high jewellery, writes Ellie Pithers


Taylor & Hart’s top four wedding jewellery trends for 2022

January 28, 2022  Professional Jeweller

The retailer revealed that some of the most important recent trends have included sustainability-focused practices and lab-grown diamonds


Go big or go home

January 28, 2022  Jewelry Connoisseur

Designers are flaunting large diamonds in their collections, employing artful strategies to keep them both stunning and tasteful


Benjamin Comar: Piaget CEO on the evolution of the luxury customer

January 28, 2022  The Financial Times

The chief executive talks to Rachael Taylor about catering for local consumers after the pandemic shifted global shopping patterns