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One jewel for you, one free for a friend

June 1, 2020  The Jewellery Cut

Leo With Love has created a lockdown offer for June: buy a piece of jewellery for yourself, and it will send a piece to one of your friends for free


Daisy London launches the Vita collection

June 1, 2020  StyleNest

Beautiful, tactile pieces combined with an empowering, body positive ethos – we couldn’t be more in love with this new jewellery range


Clogau raises an additional £25,000 for the NHS charity fund

June 1, 2020  Retail Jeweller

Welsh jewellery brand has raised a further £25,000 for NHS Charities Together, achieving a total of £125,000 in donations for the charity to date


High street jeweller reveals what shopping will look like in its stores as Coronavirus lockdown eased

June 1, 2020  The Shields Gazette

Protective screens, restricted customer numbers and fewer selling zones are just some of the measures being put in place by Beaverbrooks


Kinetic jewellery is having a moment, and these are our favourite pieces

June 1, 2020  The Times

It’s time to shake, rattle and roll with jewels that are specifically designed and engineered to react to your movements, writes Jessica Diamond


Lockdown prompts a rethink of how we buy and sell jewellery

June 1, 2020  Wallpaper*

Gallerist Elisabetta Cipriani offers a creative alternative to trying on jewellery for shoppers who want to buy more meaningful jewels

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