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The demi-fine jewellery boom: Is luxury next?

January 20, 2021  Vogue Buisness

In the world of Zoom a wave of young consumers are investing in demi-fine pendants, earrings and chains to elevate their everyday wear on screen


Designer Pascale Monvoisin on Paris, poetry, and precious stones

January 20, 2021  Forbes

Pascale Monvoisin’s pieces exude a joie de vivre, and the joy of jewellery. Designed for rockers, luxe wanderlusters, and all-round bohemian spirits


Launch of sustainable jewellery retailer offers silver lining for the eco-conscious

January 20, 2021  Bdaily

Offering a range of environmentally friendly jewellery, a new British-based start-up has launched its ecommerce store during a national lockdown


Clothes peg earring by fashion label selling for S$760

January 20, 2021  Mothership

Pop art fashion label AMBUSH released a line of bizarre-looking clip-on earrings that resemble clothes pegs. A single earring priced from S$586 to S$760


Bling Empire: All about Christine's Louis Vuitton high jewellery

January 20, 2021  Reality Titbit

Louis Vuitton high jewellery, Chanel jackets, Bottega Veneta bags and Dior trainers are regular purchases to the cast of Netflix series Bling Empire


How to make sure your Pandora bracelet keeps its shine

January 20, 2021  Express

Pandora bracelets are a popular accessory and just like any piece of jewellery, you need to look after them. Here's how to clean a Pandora bracelet