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Rocks that roll: The trend for kinetic jewellery

From sliding opals to flipping diamonds and spinning gold, here are 10 of the best jewels to get playful with this summer

July 7, 2020 By Rachael Taylor

Do your rocks roll? Do your diamonds shimmy? If not, they could. As we look for jewels that not only look and feel good, but offer that something extra, a wave of contemporary designers has answered this call by surmounting technical challenges to bring us kinetic jewellery designs.


The designs of Marie Mas, whose jewels you will be able to see at The Jewellery Cut Live this October, have a playful element to them, embracing the kinetic jewellery trend but also offering two looks for the price of one. Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces have hinged elements that can be flipped over to show diamonds on one side, for example, and coloured gems on the other.


Another jeweller set to join us at London’s Royal Institution this autumn, Ilona Orel, also designs around movement. The Parisian designer’s signature jewel is a cocktail ring with a diamond-studded globe that can be spun, and she has also created Catherine Wheel-like spinning rainbow sapphire pendants.


Drutis Jewellery, which launched last year with an addictive working kaleidoscope necklace that creates beautiful images by tumbling gemstones together, is back with a new kinetic jewellery offering. New design Solomon’s Ring has been constructed to hold opals within rail settings, allowing the gems to slide safely around the ring and reveal hidden messages such as ‘Just breathe’ and ‘I love you’.


To satisfy the fidgeters, or those looking for something extraordinary in their jewels, here are 10 of the best kinetic jewellery designs.




The 18ct gold Dizzler rings, which can be set with a variety of diamonds and coloured gemstones, can be spun to your heart’s content while on the finger.

£7,100 (white gold and diamonds)






The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection became an instant hit when it launched in the 1970s. This classic 18ct rose gold pendant from the collection has three free-rolling diamonds within heart-shaped sapphire glass.







The relaxing click of the opal triplets as they slide around this 18ct white gold and platinum ring by Drutis should be enough to put you at ease. For extra reassurance, make sure to reveal the hidden affirmation: Love is everything.







Ilona Orel

Black diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines map out the world on this 18ct white gold World Famous ring, which spins just like a real globe.






Le Kadeau

This 18ct rose gold Dandelion ring comes to life when you spin its top, sending the gold petals into a dizzying dance.







Marie Mas

Flip this ring for sheer amusement, or to access a different look. On one side of the 18ct gold Swinging Diamond open ring are two marquise-cut diamonds, on the reverse are two marquise-cut pink tourmalines.







This ring plays on the classic Rubik’s Cube game, with three gem-set levels that can be moved independently to create different looks, or just for fun.







Royal Asscher

Royal Asscher 18ct rose gold and diamond snow globe diamond ring

This 18ct yellow gold Stars ring mimics a snow globe, but instead of snowflakes floating within the liquid beneath the dome, you’ll find diamonds.







Yael Sonia

Three round aquamarines roll within an 18ct yellow gold pendant in this design from the Perpetual Motion collection.








Zeemou Zeng

Created to raise funds for Age UK (20% of the sale price from the necklace will be donated to the charity), this rainbow version of the Melody pendant stars red, yellow, blue, green chalcedony and amethyst beads that roll within an 18ct yellow gold pendant.








All prices were correct on the date of publishing, but may be subject to change




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