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Is this the smallest diamond ring in the world?

A jewellery designer from Belarus believes he has created a goldsmithing world first with a minuscule adornment that is smaller than a match tip

January 20, 2020 By Rachael Taylor


When it comes to diamond rings, those most often hitting the headlines tend to be the ones with enormous, gobstopper rocks on top. However, the most interesting diamond ring to pass our desks this week is so miniscule you can hardly believe it’s real.


The white and rose gold and diamond ring was created by Vadim Kachan, a jeweller from Brest in Belarus, and weighs just 0.01g. The diamond on top of this gold ring – which has been crafted to the exact proportions of a full-size solitaire ring – weighs just 0.002cts and measures 0.9mm.


Kachan, who runs his own jewellery company, Style, claims that the ring has been made to the same standards he would apply to any of his other, more life-sized, rings. While the making of the ring took just three days, preparation for its construction took months as Kachan drew up plans and gathered the correct tools.


“I have always loved to create small things,” says Kachan. “As a child, I was making knives from thin aluminium wire, and was gluing books 1cm in size from paper. Maybe that is the reason why I have become a jeweller.”


Fifteen years ago, Kachan made a gold ring that could pass through the eye of a needle, but, he claims, “I sneezed and lost it”. The diamond element of this new tiny ring – which he believes is the smallest diamond ring in the world – made the challenge all the more difficult.


“Making a ring without a gemstone is not difficult,” he says. “It is much more challenging to make a gem setting. The hardest part was soldering the frame to the ring.”


In 2008, scientists at the University of Melbourne created what they believed was the smallest diamond ring at just 5 micrometers wide and 300 nanometers thick, but this was created by carving a single sliver of diamond rather than using traditional goldsmithing techniques.


Kachan also believes he has broken Indian jeweller Ashish Verma’s record. According to the India Book of Records, Verma made a similar ring that weighed a slightly heavier 10mg, with a diameter of 2mm.


Watch the video below to see Kachan in action, crafting what he believes is now the smallest traditionally made diamond ring ever created.



Posted by: shwetamehra860

I've somehow come across this article today, maybe because I was just searching for diamond ring with price... Anyways there's so much to learn when it comes to diamonds. And yes, this definitely is the first time that I'm seeing such a small diamond ring. It's adorable but the process of creating it must have been very difficult, this is amazing! I found one website, where I found few similar rings to this product here -

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Posted by: Janine

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Posted by: Amanda

This looks like it was so much fun! Awesome tiny ring! Love it!

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Posted by: Vj

So cool . I have found one at a estate sale . I wonder if anyone is interested in buying it.

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