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How to buy jewellery she’ll love this Christmas

Jeweller Kimjoux is offering a new service that allows men to show they have made the effort this season, while cleverly sidestepping the final decision

November 13, 2020 By Rachael Taylor

It is that time of year again when men all over the country start to get sweaty palms. What to buy their significant other for Christmas? With jewellery set to be a popular gift this season – as our need, if not our desire, for more fleeting fashion and experiences is quashed by the pandemic – jeweller Kimjoux has dreamt up a solution to help men navigate towards the perfect Christmas gift.


Kimjoux has launched a new buying experience called BBeyond – titled in reference to exceeding the expectations your partner has of your Christmas-shopping prowess. It allows shoppers – not just men, of course, but anyone wrangling with Christmas gift buying – to invest in a piece of fine jewellery with confidence.


That confidence comes through flexibility, and a guiding hand from Kimjoux founder Trang Do, who worked for major Bond Street names including Graff and Cartier before setting up her own fine jewellery brand. Simply fill out a BBeyond questionnaire on the Kimjoux website, and Trang will be in touch with some suggestions of at least three jewels she believes will make a great gift, based on your loved ones tastes and lifestyle.


During the consultation process, you can whittle it down to two pieces, which Trang will create silver samples of. On Christmas Day, you can present these placeholder jewels to your beloved, who will then take over the buying experience.


After trying on the samples, they can choose their favourite and then enjoy a consultation with Trang, who can modify the design – sticking to the budget you have set – until its perfect. From there, the Kimjoux team will craft the jewel in gold and gemstones especially for them, a process that usually takes four weeks.


Trang sees the Kimjoux BBeyond service as an attractive alternative to buying gift cards, or simply paying for gifts their partners have already chosen themselves – a romance-throttling experience she, like many of us, has experienced in the past with her own husband. “You just want to know that they put some thought and effort into it at the end of the day,” says Trang. “We are not just a jeweller who only provides products. We love experiences, the little extra touches that make an occasion extra special.”


Plus, she says, putting in the effort while leaving the final decision to their partner will make men look good on Christmas Day and mitigate the risk of a shopping faux pax. And who wouldn’t trade crestfallen smiles or raised eyebrows for genuine delight and appreciation under the mistletoe? It’s a win-win.


Kimjoux BBeyond jewellery personal shopping service
Kimjoux BBeyond jewellery personal shopping service





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