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Four jewellery styling tips from Liza Urla

Founder of the Gemologue blog shares four simple tricks that will spruce up your look and ensure your jewellery is fierce, adventurous and expertly mismatched

September 4, 2019 By Mark Rochford


Jewellery mega-influencer Liza Urla has written the book on jewellery street style. Literally.


A prolific jewellery editor, curator, brand ambassador, speaker and consultant, she has run her Gemologue blog since 2009. Last year, she published a companion book, Gemologue: Street Jewellery Styles & Styling Tips, which offers an indulgent snapshot of her 10-year archive of gorgeous jewel pics and captivating stylings.


Known for her work in taking fine jewellery into the digital realm, and celebrating the real-world style of jewellery consumers, Urla shared some of her knowledge with an exclusive audience at The Jewellery Cut Live in February. Here are four of her personal philosophies and top tricks for developing your own jewellery style.


1. Ditch the set

A pick 'n' mix selection of jewels from Runa Jewelry
A pick ‘n’ mix selection of jewels from Runa Jewelry

The dutifully matching jewellery parures of yesteryear are no longer in fashion, says Urla. Today, the idea is not to create a strictly homogenous look with your jewels, but to wear pieces together that complement each other and create synergy.









2. Mismatching is the way forward

A perfectly mismatched ear stack from Metier by Tomfoolery
A perfectly mismatched ear stack from Metier by Tomfoolery

There’s no need to restrict yourself to one designer, style, metal, or colour when assembling a jewellery look, according to the jewellery influencer. Embrace the trends of stacking and layering, and take the opportunity to cluster jewels that play off each other and spark exciting contrast. Mix costume jewellery with fine, wear two earrings of different lengths, and don’t be afraid to mix your metals and stones with less precious elements such as acrylic, wood and shells.






3. Don’t be lazy with your jewellery

Layered opal necklaces by Susannah King
Layered opal necklaces by Susannah King

Pre-planning looks and rotating through your jewellery collection are key to getting the most out of the jewels you have, she advises, and to achieving artfulness in grouping pieces.When stacking necklaces, lay them out first on a flat surface and put together groups of three to five that work well together and layer nicely, with lengths that give about two fingers’ width between each – try a chain extender to help achieve the desired lengths. Pair up rarely worn jewels with staple pieces to invigorate your core wardrobe and give your whole collection some time in the sun.





4. Pick jewels for power and allure

Delicate diamond jewels from Neelu
Delicate diamond jewels from Neelu

Urla encourages women to develop both their “alpha female” and “sensual seductress” personas through their jewellery choices, while staying mindful of the time of day. During daylight hours, a good rule is to stick to delicate or edgy pieces with clean lines. Pearls, discrete diamonds, and just a touch of colour through gemstones are good bets. You also can’t go wrong with keeping to a minimal, Scandinavian aesthetic, she believes. Evening is the time to make a real jewellery statement, spicing your look up with bolder pieces that draw attention and can be conversation openers.






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