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Amethyst jewellery: so much more than February’s birthstone

Whether you are celebrating a February birthday, the end of Dry January or Valentine’s Day, this purple gem will soothe, heal and inspire

February 1, 2021 By Rachael Taylor

For anyone who subscribes to the notion of healing gemstones, amethyst jewellery is a must have. It is said to have healing properties that can boost the immune system, banish stress and help you get a good night’s sleep – Katy Perry swears by it, sleeping with amethysts in her hand.


The calming purple gem was also believed by the Ancient Greeks to banish drunkenness. This is especially good news if you have a birthday this month, as this helpful gemstone is also the birthstone for February. So, before you pop that celebratory cork, make sure you have some close to the skin to help protect yourself against a post-birthday hangover. Or should you be readying yourself to slide back off the wagon after dry January, slip on an amethyst pendant first.


Amethyst jewellery also has connections to love and Valentine’s Day – yet another reason that it is a stone in demand this month. Saint Valentine of Rome, the 3rd century saint after whom the annual celebration of love on February 14th is named, is said to have worn an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid. On the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, amethyst is ascribed to sixth and 23rd wedding anniversaries; another of the supposed healing properties of amethyst is an ability to calm passionate lovers.


At the time Saint Valentine wore his carved amethyst ring, the stone would have been incredibly expensive – as much as fine rubies and emeralds. However, the discovery of a large deposit in Brazil in the 19th century made the gemstone more affordable. As such, its rich purple hues have been popular with jewellery designers as a way to inject vibrant colours into designs.


If you need another reason to consider a talismanic piece of amethyst jewellery – other than its beauty – let us direct you to the musings of 15th century astrologer Camillo Leonardi, another Italian obsessed with the gem. He kept one on his person at all times, believing it to ward off evil energies while making him more intelligent.


While we can’t guarantee amethyst will make you smarter, calmer and more sober, we do promise that a well-looked after piece of amethyst jewellery will be an investment in the future – and a blast of colour therapy that will lift your mood in a flash.



Ten amethyst jewels to soothe, heal and inspire…



Origin 31 gold and rainbow gemstone The Wedge ring
Origin 31 gold and rainbow gemstone The Wedge ring
Origin 31 
9ct yellow gold ring with fire opal, amethyst, pink sapphire, tsavorite garnet, aquamarine and citrine
£1,600, available at The Jewellery Cut Shop 



Dima amethyst necklace

18ct gold, amethyst and turquoise charm necklace
$2,175, available at Dima




Lydia Courteille amethyst earrings

Lydia Courteille
18ct gold, diamond, sapphire, pearl and amethyst earrings
price on application, available at Lydia Courteille 




TASAKI Atelier Nightfall earrings

18ct gold, amethyst, citrine and pearl earrings
price on application, available at Tasaki 



Hancocks London amethyst necklace

15ct yellow gold and antique amethyst necklace (circa 1870)
£29,500, available at Hancocks 



Bea Bongiasca lime flower ring

Bea Bongiasca
9ct gold, silver, enamel and amethyst ring
£885, available at Twist 




Tiina Smith amethyst earrings

Seaman Schepps
18ct gold, iolite and amethyst vintage earrings
$13,000, available at Tiina Smith 




Kimjoux amethyst earrings

18ct gold, diamond and amethyst earrings
£620, available at Kimjoux  




Thelma West amethyst necklace

Thelma West
18ct gold, diamond and amethyst necklace
price on application, available at Thelma West 




Deborah Pagani amethyst earrings

Deborah Pagani
18ct gold, amethyst and purple enamel earrings
$9,500, available at Deborah Pagani  






All prices were correct on the date of publishing, but may be subject to change





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