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Zeemou Zeng builds on moveable jewels with the The Eye collection

Fine jewellery designer offers a twist on the classic jewellery motif with playful gemstones that can roll to offer alternative looks

September 10, 2019 By Rachael Taylor


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the case of Zeemou Zeng’s latest collection, the beauty for the beholder is the eye. With new fine jewellery line The Eye, the designer has reimagined a classic motif that has talismanic charm.


Zeng is known for incorporating movement in his jewels. Gold columns in earrings, pendants or rings capture rows of emeralds or pearls, giving them just enough space to roll side to side in his debut collection Melody. For those of us who like to play with our jewels, the click-clack of the gems in motion is utterly enticing.


In the new Zeemou Zeng collection, rather than roll side to side, the gems in The Eye rotate back to front. On each side of the smooth round gems, clasped within gold, Zeng has set a different smaller faceted gemstone, as if a pupil to its iris. This movement allows wearers to choose which gemstone to display, matching gems or creating a mismatched look.


Combinations created within Zeemou Zeng’s The Eye include diamonds and rubies set into pearls or kyanite; diamonds and blue sapphires set into onyx; and yellow diamonds set into amethyst. Within the collection are rings, brooches, earrings and pendants, all crafted in 18ct gold.


Eye motifs in jewellery are usually talismans used to ward off evil, but for Zeng, their use in The Eye has a more positive message of freedom and independence.


“We are constantly being directed, led and influenced,” he says. “We are told what we should value, aspire to, and even how we should be. But we are individuals. We need to express ourselves in our own unique ways. The Eye collection makes a powerful statement when worn. Each piece is designed to be mixed and matched to create a personal, unique style – your own voice.”



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