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The new David Morris collection is electrifying

Geometry and colour collide to create the Electric Geometric high jewellery collection, which offers up a much-needed blast of optimism

March 12, 2020 By Rachael Taylor


In these worrying times of self isolation, travel bans and non-stop speculation over how long to wash our hands, we could all do with a little lift. So you’ll be delighted to know that the new high jewellery collection from David Morris, unveiled earlier in the year during Paris Couture Week, is centred on “fresh starts and optimism… [a] vibrant vision”, inspired by our move into a new decade.


The Electric Geometric jewellery collection by David Morris is exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it marks the pursuance of a more contemporary clutch of designs for the British luxury jeweller, which first opened its doors more than five decades ago.


It achieves this blast of modernity through some sharp, angular gemstone cuts – a key trend in the coming seasons. The geometry element of the collection’s name is paid homage to through piercing kite-shaped diamonds, or minute round diamonds clustered into dagger-like shapes of gold, and unusual rectangular Burmese rubies.


The star of the David Morris Electric Geometric collection is the Hexagon Cuff, which uses – as the name might give away – hexagon-cut diamonds, given a playful edge thanks to a peppering of pink diamonds in rose gold settings. This masterpiece took two years to create, with many of the diamonds – which also include triangular shapes – being custom cut especially for the design. Each precious hexagon component is modular and sprung, making this 69.79ct diamond cuff completely flexible.


What brings the electricity to this offering is something that David Morris is famous for throughout the world – coloured gemstones. Capturing this spirit, Electric Geometric makes use of one of the most vibrant gems this planet has to offer – Paraiba tourmaline, sourced in Brazil. Pear shapes and round cuts adorn diamond-set white gold earrings inspired by phoenixes and waterfalls.


More than 91cts of yellow diamonds are also used to craft a matching necklace and earring set titled Boreas, while an extra 7cts of pink diamonds were sourced to be used as colourful droplets on the white diamond petals of the Fractal Rose brooch.


Jeremy Morris, the man now at the helm of this family business, is well known for his love of emeralds, and this new collection does not miss them out. More than 6.5ct of round Colombian emeralds have been perfectly matched to create a lavish twist on the Creole earring.


Whether you’re an emerald fan yourself, prefer the bright hue of Paraibas or appreciate the clean, sharp edges of hexagonal diamonds, this buoyant offering from David Morris truly is an electrifying start to a brand new decade of jewels.


David Morris Hexagon cuff, crafted with 69.79ct brilliant, fancy and triangle cut white and pink diamonds
David Morris Hexagon cuff, crafted with 69.79ct brilliant, fancy and triangle cut white and pink diamonds



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