The Jewellery Cut Live September 2019

Discover the jewellery designers you can meet at The Jewellery Cut Live during London Fashion Week in September

Thursday May 16, 2019 By The Jewellery Cut

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On the 15th& 16th of September, 2019, The Jewellery Cut Live will bring an exciting group of contemporary jewellery designers together during London Fashion Week for two days of shopping, insights and experiences.


This will be the third edition of The Jewellery Cut Live, which launched in 2018, founded by jewellery journalist Rachael Taylor and industry consultant Andrew Martyniuk. The showcase is open to all, and regularly attracts a mix of shoppers, store buyers, press and VIPs. Entry is free, but guests must register for a ticket here.


The designers at the show are a mix of international and British stars, established names and jewellers on the rise. The Jewellery Cut Live will be a showcase of exciting contemporary talent, and there will be a range of jewels available to buy over the two days and each designer will be on hand to meet visitors, discuss the designs and plan future commissions.


Find out more about each of the jewellery brands below. To keep up to date with the latest developments about The Jewellery Cut Live, including details of this season’s series of talks, sign up for our newsletter here.


Alice van Cal

Alice van Cal rainbow shootWhen passion meets the joy of life, a designer like Alice van Cal is born. Not satisfied with simply creating ordinary pieces of jewellery, van Cal, who was born in Belgium but currently resides in London, found herself looking for something more. As she honed her skills working with leading luxury brands across London, she realised that one thing was missing from the world of jewellery: timeless pieces which you can adapt and wear in different ways but also that are relevant and meaningful to the person wearing them. Inspired by this idea, and the idea of spreading happiness with her craft, van Cal started sourcing the finest materials and applying her keen eye for detail and meticulous care to her own line of bespoke jewellery – jewellery that not only tells a unique story and inspires happiness, but promises to be timeless and elegant like no other.





Andrey Yarden

Siberian-born Andrey Yarden studied at the Moscow State Institute of Steel And Alloys before launching his own jewellery brand in 2013 and is now based in Shanghai. His high-quality, handcrafted jewels are inspired by human senses and designed to make a statement. Each piece looks simple but sophisticated combinations of textures, surfaces and techniques lend the jewels a depth and complexity. Since 2013, Andrey Yarden jewellery has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, L’Officiel and Grazia. Yarden has also designed unique jewels for celebrities including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Natalia Vodianova and Renata Litvinova.







Isla Gilham

Isla Gilham is an award-winning jewellery designer-maker who recently graduated from Central Saint Martins’ prestigious Jewellery Design course. Both referencing and challenging perceptions of traditional fine jewellery, her work celebrates and showcases beautiful materials whilst exploring notions of deliciousness, temptation and indulgence. Isla’s precious pieces with playful twists have won highly acclaimed awards including a Best Design accolade awarded by British jeweller Theo Fennell, and a gold award at the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards.





Jessica Pass London

Jessica Pass grew up on an old farm in Derbyshire’s verdant Peak District, surrounded by beautiful scenery and an artist great-grandfather who taught her how to draw from an early age. She was also interested in how things worked, taking things apart to look at the mechanisms. The first piece of jewellery she fell in love with was an ornate, hinged armour ring, given to her by my grandmother, which moved perfectly with her finger, despite being heavy. The first piece Pass made herself was an ambitious cocktail ring with a spherical globe, the lid of which split into quarters, each hinged and opening to reveal gemstones hidden within. Many Jessica Pass London pieces still conceal a hidden detail waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.






Julien Riad Sahyoun

Julien Riad Sahyoun was born in Casablanca, Morocco, of French, Italian and Lebanese descent. Fascinated by nature and the myriad of untold mysteries hidden within the Earth, he started collecting gems, rocks, fossils and minerals from a young age. This adventurous spirit took him to New York and California, where he enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), renowned for providing the finest gem and jewellery education in the world. Belief in his chosen path spurred him on to develop his knowledge of gemmology, design, and practical skills. Working alongside leading industry experts, Julien Riad Sahyoun translates his love of stones, artistry and exceptional craftsmanship into wearable masterpieces.






Kastur Jewels

Rajvi Vora created her jewellery brand Kastur Jewels – named after her grandmother – seven years ago, following a carer working in humanitarian aid in some of the most volatile and vulnerable places in the world. The jewels are inspired by historic Indian royalty, the the Maharajah and Maharanis, building on her fixation with the fairytale, glamorous and opulent lifestyles that thrived during those times. Influences from these forgotten times inspire Kastur Jewels designs, which are not not replicas but modern jewels infused with Indian heritage and history. Sticking true to her roots, a percentage each Kastur Jewels sale is invested into worthy causes to help the communities Vora met before becoming a designer.






Kohatu + Petros 

Kohatu + Petros is an independent online jewellery boutique, founded by Varney Polydor and Joanna Salmond in 2005 following a trip to Hong Kong, where their passion was ignited by the amazing selection of beautiful gemstones found there. They started in a small Marylebone studio and then went on to open the intimate and luxurious Kohatu + Petros Jewellery boutique, located on London’s fashionable Chiltern Street. Every season Varney designs with new and exciting colour combinations inspired by art, fashion and new-season trends that translate into everyday, wearable jewellery. Using semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold vermeil, the collections are designed and handcrafted by Varney and team in Marylebone.




Métier by Tomfoolery

Métier was dreamt up by Laura Kay on the shop floor of her parents’ jewellery gallery, Tomfoolery, which has been serving north London and farther afield for more than 20 years. Growing up, Laura spent her weekends working in the gallery and then in 2011 she made the decision to leave her job in fashion and advertising production to take over the reins. Laura began to offer her customers a bespoke service for engagement and wedding rings, and as demand grew she was inspired to start designing her own collection of fine jewellery that can be enjoyed every day. In 2015, Métier by Tomfoolery launched – a range of affordable, delicate, 9ct gold jewellery designed to be self-styled and interchangeable for every day. It was an instant hit.





MyriamSOS star ringMyriamSOS provides versatile jewellery that stands out from the crowd – multi-functional, elegant pieces for the on-the-go women of today. Like Chanel’s little black dress, myriamSOS has a contemporary yet timeless feel. The brand has captured the attention of international media such as British Vogue, The Telegraph, Glamour, O.K., Harpers’ Bazaar, Tatler, Marie Claire China and industry bible Retail Jeweller. Its award-winning flagship collection Transformers is the outcome of extensive design research. The transformable pieces turn into rings, bracelets or pendants with a simple click and twist. Expertly crafted, they allow much greater versatility than traditional jewellery. The jewels combine precious stones and metals with expert hand construction, creating matchless items which can be personalised in terms of gemstone colours and settings, and engraved to order. The collection features intelligent and flexible designs that stand out from the crowd.





Nadine Aysoy 

Born in Antwerp, the global capital of diamonds, Nadine Aysoy was surrounded by the sparkle of gemstones since her childhood, as her grandfather was a famous diamond dealer. When she was 14, her family moved to Switzerland, the home of banking, and it inspired her to start a career in finance that would take her across the world to Zurich, New York, Los Angeles and London, where she now lives. In 2018, Nadine decided to turn her jewellery-design hobby into a profession and launched the Nadine Aysoy jewellery brand. Inspired by the beauty of nature, various forms of art and precious stones, her jewels are handcrafted in Antwerp. Many of the decorative elements in the jewellery are inspired by Nadine’s keen eye for fashion and modern trends.




Satta Maturi 

Founded in 2015, Satta Matturi Fine Jewellery embodies tradition, values and allows women to celebrate womanhood, through their jewellery and the occasions on which they wear it. The Satta Matturi Fine Jewellery brand, offers exceptionally made products using 18ct gold, responsibly sourced diamonds and other precious stones from around the world. The Artful Indulgence collection consists of powerful statement earrings, and is a strong expression of what a woman has become and promises to be. Each design is understated but dramatic, and embodies traditional jewellery with a modern African twist. Satta Matturi Fine Jewellery offers timeless pieces, and allows women to express themselves in a bold and sophisticated manner.




Susannah King Jewels

Susannah King Jewels was founded by designer goldsmith Susannah King in 2018. The brand has gone from strength to strength, first being featured in British Vogue and Brides magazine in early 2018, and then working internationally with fashion designers and a celebrity clientele. In 2019, Susannah King Jewels took part in The Jewellery Cut Live at London Fashion Week and became a Bronze partner of the National Film awards. The brand is now shaking up the jewellery industry as 21-year-old Susannah continues a four-generation-long family legacy of creating beautiful handmade jewellery.

Read more about Susannah King in an exclusive The Jewellery Cut interview here




Zeemou Zeng

Zeemou Zeng is an innovative, premium and cutting-edge designer brand. Founded by Zeemou Zeng in 2017, the company specialises in fine jewellery, fashion accessories and crystalware and also provides bespoke jewellery services. Zeemou Zeng’s philosophy is to create unique designs that possess both functionality and beauty. The brand offers new value through its unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and ‘can do’ attitude. The goal of the business is to grow to become a premium global brand, epitomising all that is innovative, elegant and stylish.








The Jewellery Cut Live will take place within The Pompadour Ballroom in Cafe Royal on London’s Regent Street on September 15th & 16th, 2019. Register for your free ticket to attend here