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The Jewellery Cut founders star in BAJ podcast

Andrew Martyniuk and Rachael Taylor talk jewellery, diversity and lockdown, and reveal plans for The Jewellery Cut Live’s return in October

June 26, 2020 By The Jewellery Cut

In a new episode of The Lockdown Series, the podcast launched by the British Academy of Jewellery in April, host Sofie Boons interviews The Jewellery Cut founders Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk.


The episode, which will air tonight at 5pm, features a conversation with the duo, which covers a wide range of topics, such as their personal journeys into the jewellery industry and the success story of The Jewellery Cut to advice for emerging jewellery designers and commentary on the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on the jewellery world.


Speaking at the beginning of the episode, podcast host Boons, a jewellery designer and consultant at The British Academy of Jewellery, said: “I have invited two fantastic guests to join me in a remote discussion on how we can navigate the new reality we face, in particular about marketing and promotion and also displaying our work.


“With many fairs cancelled, galleries and museums still closed, the usual way we present and network are still unavailable. I therefore have invited Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk, the founders of The Jewellery Cut and both active members in the jewellery field, to reflect on this challenge.”


The podcast also offers an insight into what The Jewellery Cut Live – one of the only global jewellery shows to remain as a live event this year – might look like when it returns on October 11th & 12th, 2020. To book your ticket to the show, which will be held at The Royal Institution in London’s Mayfair, click here.


To listen to this episode of The British Academy of Jewellery’s The Lockdown Series podcast with The Jewellery Cut, you can download it from the BAJ website here or download it through Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


BAJ podcast with The Jewellery Cut founders Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk


 *Since this podcast was recorded, The Goldsmiths’ Company has subsequently released a statement on the Black Lives Matter movement, which can be viewed here 




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