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Get ready for vintage gold lucky spinners, karma-restoring turtles and sexy fishes as Emma de Sybel hangs up her lockdown DJ ‘phones

In celebration of this month’s birthstone, we’ll bring you a different jewel each day set with the gem, which is rich in historical lore and healing powers

After a successful debut on the London jewellery scene earlier this year, the New York fine jeweller will be back at The Jewellery Cut Live in October

The Jewellery Cut Live favourite will be back in October, fresh from lockdown with two new collaborations and not a straight line in sight

Inspired by the human condition and our relationship with adornment, this London jeweller is ready to make her exhibition debut with wearable treasures

Peridot miner backs our boutique London jewellery show as it kickstarts campaign to raise awareness of ‘the gem of the sun’

Stepping out from her gallery in Woodstock, this contemporary jeweller will showcase her work in London for the first time at The Jewellery Cut Live

Showcase of contemporary jewels will return as a socially distanced event at the Royal Institution in London’s Mayfair on October 11th & 12th, 2020

Designer’s Nritya and Deco jewellery collections to raise funds for LGBTQ+ and Indian charities during Aispi digital shopping event

Deborah Blyth has created a collection of molten gold and baroque pearl jewellery that pays homage to powerful women of lore

The master of art jewellery talks about his humble beginnings, his teapot addiction and shares some of his philosophies on life and creativity

As traditions shift and cultures merge, there is a new wave of contemporary Indian-infused jewels that offer a fresh perspective, so is this a new era?

Colette Marie Neyrey is raising eyebrows with naughty, but hidden, messages in her jewels by cleverly combining antique, retro and vintage components

After interning with Shaun Leane and Paul Ravn, Aishleen Lester created an award-winning brand of jewellery for quiet rebels

Master of diamonds Mike Asscher talks exquisite proportions, upholding a famous family business, and diamond-filled snow globes