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Discover the one-of-a-kind luxury pieces of Ruby Taglight at The Jewellery Cut Live in association with Fuli Gemstones 2021

Yasemin Mutlu from Hestia Jewels on searching for jewels in Grand Bazaars, tending to the hearth and the power of ceramics

The Jewellery Cut Live is back, and there’s a whole host of captivating talks planned over the two days. Take a look at the full list here

The self-taught Brighton-based jeweller dazzles the judging panel with her striking celebration of South Asian-inspired jewellery and raw talent

Get all the details on this month’s show on October 15th & 16th, plus a guide to the designers you can expect to meet at The Royal Institution

Kick off day two of The Jewellery Cut Live with Heidi Garnett, Rachael Taylor and 2021’s Creative Jewellery Designer of the Year 

Join the contestants of the hit jewellery TV show at The Jewellery Cut Live for a discussion on what it was really like to craft under pressure

Join Emefa Cole, Melanie Eddy and Annabel Davidson at The Jewellery Cut Live for a discussion on their plans to champion greater diversity in jewellery

Jeweller’s ethically handcrafted debut collection Wild Things is a precious celebration of the animal world, set with gems she mined herself in Australia

Jeweller to the stars will host an exclusive lecture at The Jewellery Cut Live on how she is creating a long-lasting, positive impact on jewellery design

Join the jewellery editor and historian Carol Woolton at The Jewellery Cut Live as she shares insights gleaned while writing her book The New Stone Age

Join the Antiques Roadshow expert and British jewellery designer in conversation at The Jewellery Cut Live as they explore the history of this green gem

Join Serena Kutchinsky at The Jewellery Cut Live as she shares the tale of how her father Paul Kutchinsky risked everything to rival Fabergé

After battling sub-zero temperatures in China’s vertiginous Changbai mountains, Fuli Gemstones’ intrepid Mr Yu was rewarded with a gift of light and hope

Carol Woolton’s podcast covers both jewellery history and contemporary trends with a dazzling array of fascinating, and often famous, guests