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The French maison offers us a momentary reprieve from Earth’s troubles with the galactic high jewellery collection Sous les Étoiles

Earrings that are earrings, engorged teeth as jewels, golden fingers… Daniel Roseberry’s haute couture is creative jewellery at its most surreal

The maison draws similarities between haute couture’s petites mains and its own goldsmiths with ‘accessible’ high jewellery collection Precious Lace

The wild coloured gem combinations, enormous earrings and architectural metalwork show us, once again, that pearl jewellery can be cutting edge

Gender-fluid high jewellery exuding hedonistic party vibes takes inspiration from 1920s rebels and modernises it for 2020s revellers

Italian jeweller teams with Japanese artist to create a collection that celebrates an ancient craft while promoting sustainability

The use of the platform to launch high jewels was an industry first, and now the London jeweller is following up with an exclusive line of solo earrings

Rough and polished diamonds come together in high jewellery collection inspired by the diverse locations in which the group mines its stones

With enamel gondola poles, lapis lazuli tesserae and lions that guard diamonds rather than churches, the playful Escale à Venise is pure wanderlust

Your chance of owning a red, blue, pink or orange sparkler has just significantly increased, as Swarovski Created Diamonds launches coloured stones

The journey of the world’s unconventional second-largest rough diamond from a Botswana mine to Louis Vuitton’s drawing board

Couple, thruple, or self-isolating solo lover? This bold new twist on a classic historical jewellery motif has something for everyone

Geometry and colour collide to create the Electric Geometric high jewellery collection, which offers up a much-needed blast of optimism

The maison’s most lavish haute joaillerie collection to date offers up mind-blowing gems that assert its position as jeweller extraordinaire

New high jewellery collection Tweed de Chanel explores one of founder Coco Chanel’s favourite fabrics, with overlapping gold, platinum and gems