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Rachael Taylor joins Roseanna Croft’s podcast

The Jewellery Cut co-founder shares the story of her career, discusses the joy of making connections and the role of fate in Design Your Legacy episode

March 31, 2021 By The Jewellery Cut

Tune in to the new series of jewellery designer Roseanna Croft’s Design Your Legacy podcast to hear a special episode with The Jewellery Cut co-founder Rachael Taylor.


Kicking off the second series of the jeweller’s Design Your Legacy podcast, the episode – titled When Fate Steps In – explores the story of Rachael’s career and the creation of The Jewellery Cut. In conversation with Roseanna, Rachael looks back at her professional life, from her early days starting out as a journalist and founding Professional Jeweller magazine to creating The Jewellery Cut.


The two women also discuss how fate can play a role in shaping the path that our careers and lives take, and how important it is to build a legacy that will outlast you.


A key moment in the conversation revolves around Rachael’s love of helping to make connections for others, and Roseanna shares a previously untold story of how Rachael’s work impacted her own business in a positive way after the jeweller attended The Jewellery Cut Live.



Play the video above for a snippet of the conversation, and to hear the full episode head here.


The Roseanna Croft podcast Design Your Legacy launched in November, and has since attracted a varied selection of guests, including architect Alex Depledge MBE, TV-mogul-turned-success-coach Poppy Delbridge, horse-riding champion Willa Newton and Monique Hodgson, founder of social change platform Mumble.


What unites these guests is the discussion of legacy. As Roseanna herself describes it: “A podcast to have inspiring conversations about living your life on purpose; creating a lasting legacy and the stories your fine jewellery tells.”


Roseanna Croft

Jewellery designer and podcaster Roseanna Croft 



The episode of Design Your Legacy with Roseanna Croft starring The Jewellery Cut co-founder Rachael Taylor (When Fate Steps In) is available to listen to now. Click here to find it on Apple Podcasts







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