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Question everything: The Women’s Jewellery Network Big Debate

Workshop your way through three of the most pressing issues in the jewellery world, with an intense World Café session led by WJN at The Jewellery Cut Live

September 2, 2019 By Rachael Taylor


It was Euripides who first encouraged us to “question everything,” and in our new world of woke, this centuries-old sentiment rings truer than ever. With huge shifts influencing the way we buy, wear and work in jewellery, the Women’s Jewellery Network wants to put some pertinent questions to you.  


Join the Women’s Jewellery Network at The Jewellery Cut Live on September 15th for an intensive 60-minute session debating three huge topics facing the global jewellery industry. The networking group, founded to promote the interests of women working in the jewellery industry, will use the World Café method to pull apart these meaty subjects in a safe space, where all can engage and embrace multiple perspectives, opinions and ideas.


The specifics of the three topics to be covered during the Women’s Jewellery Network Big Debate will be revealed exclusively to attendees on the day. The forum will be facilitated by WJN founder and managing director Victoria McKay and communications director Nyasha Pitt.


Takeaways from the session will be publicised following the event in order to share the insights with the jewellery world in its entirety, via the Women’s Jewellery Network digital platforms, so this is your chance to make your voice and opinions heard. 


The Women’s Jewellery Network Big Debate will take place on an exclusive private balcony, overlooking London’s historic Regent Street, within the Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Cafe Royal. The session will run from 3pm to 4pm on Sunday, 15th of September, 2019.


Tickets cost £20. As well as access to this event, your ticket price also includes complimentary refreshments, a glass of champagne, and gives you access to the The Jewellery Cut Live boutique jewellery show where you can network with industry peers and view the work of 27 inspiring contemporary jewellery designers.



Buy your ticket for the WJN Big Debate at The Jewellery Cut Live here


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