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The other ring that means “forever”

April 13, 2021  Meet the Jewelers

A simple gold band will always ring true in a bridal set, but you can dream bigger. Why not make both rings extraordinary?


Fuli Gemstones to feature in Hainan jewellery convention

April 13, 2021  Jewellery Focus

The fair will bring together well-known luxury companies from around the world to display an array of jewellery and gemstones


Mateu-lo, sustainable jewellery celebrating nostalgia

April 13, 2021  Hypebae

Mateu Lo crafts joy-sparking necklaces out of whimsical charms and beads twisted into delicate flowers capturing an energetic, youthful naiveté


Young Palestinian woman revives traditional jewellery heritage

April 13, 2021  Global Times

Rawan Raafat, a young Palestinian woman, spends hours a day in front of a huge table, manufacturing traditional Palestinian jewellery


Joshua James Jewellery introduces new luxury consultation space

April 13, 2021  Retail Jeweller

Independent retailer Joshua James Jewellery has reopened with a new space in-store offering customers a luxury, bespoke jewellery consultation area


Clean your silver jewellery with science

April 13, 2021  Popular Science

Using items you probably already have in your kitchen, you can easily get rid of that ugly tarnish that you see on silver jewellery