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Fab five: Beaded jewellery

July 29, 2020  Grazia

Trendy and trending, the beaded jewellery of our youth has made a comeback - but is a little bougier (and much better) than before


SVP Jewellery puts its Instagram followers at the heart of its latest campaign

July 29, 2020  Retail Jeweller

Adjustable ring brand asked selected Instagram followers to bring a prop to the shoot, which said something about them or their business


The rise and fall, and rise again, of this regal purple gem

July 29, 2020  Katerina Perez

Before large deposits were discovered in South America in the 19th century, amethysts were treasured as highly as diamonds and more valuable than emeralds


Gemstone trends: The more, the merrier

July 29, 2020  Jewelry Connoisseur

Bicolour and parti-colour gems, with their play of multiple hues, are a popular choice for statement pieces and alternative engagement rings


Metal detectorist reunites widow with husband’s wedding ring after Covid-19 death

July 29, 2020  I

The recovery rate for these lost things is incredibly good, says the General Secretary of the National Council of Metal Detecting


“Pent-up demand” for engagement rings during pandemic, report UK jewellers

July 29, 2020  Professional Jeweller

A number of jewellers, including EC One, have reported an increase in sales of wedding and engagement jewellery during and after lockdown

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