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Metal detectorists ‘covered up find’ £3m of rare coins and jewellery

October 9, 2019  The Argus

A metal detectorist who dug up ancient buried treasure only handed over three worthless coins to the owner of the land where it was found


Vicenza adds vintage marketplace to 2020 show   

October 9, 2019  Professional Jeweller

Vo Vintage will place a spotlight on extremely rare pieces of jewellery and watches from some of the sector’s most influential players


New Una collection marks brand's 40th anniversary

October 9, 2019  Katerina Perez

Stories, folklore and fairytales act as catalysts for Stenzhorn’s creative team to fashion fine jewellery with real meaning


Theo Fennell hosts VIP reception for RCA Award winners

October 9, 2019  Retail Jeweller

British fine jewellery and silverware brand Theo Fennell has hosted a champagne reception showcasing the work of three Royal College of Art


Tiffany removes advert over Hong Kong controversy

October 9, 2019  Hong Kong Free Press

Tiffany & Co. have removed a tweet showing a woman covering one eye after Chinese consumers accused the jeweller of supporting the Hong Kong protesters


Dispatches from a sapphire hunt in Sri Lanka

October 9, 2019  The Jewellery Cut

Ethical jewellery designer Arabel Lebrusan of Lebrusan Studio takes the trip of a lifetime to source, mine and cut her own sapphires on ‘Gem Island’