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Gorgeous garnets for January birthdays

January 6, 2022  Luxury London

One of the oldest known gemstones, garnets have been revered for millennia by cultures worldwide for their vibrant hues and protective, healing qualities


Colour-boost jewellery to take you into 2022

January 6, 2022  Vogue

Whether we realise it or not, the concept of ‘colour therapy’ has been seeping its way into our daily lives, influencing what we buy and how we feel


Six reasons why coloured gemstones are in high demand

January 6, 2022  The Free Press Journal

The gemstone and jewellery sector is witnessing a resurgence in demand now, after taking huge damage during the pandemic in 2020


Meaning and power of blue sapphire

January 6, 2022  Salon Prive

Throughout the history of humankind, blue sapphire gemstones have been symbolic of spiritual enlightenment and protective instincts


Pearl engagement rings instead of diamonds

January 6, 2022  Southern Living

Pearls are becoming stylish stars in fashion, décor, and more these days. So, why not say yes to one of life's biggest questions with a pearl ring?


Holiday jewellery sales grew 32%

January 6, 2022  JCK Online

Despite the omicron variant, the jewellery industry’s stockings overflowed with cheer during the 2021 holiday, with jewellery sales rising 32%