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Marie Mas’s summery new gem combo is pure joie de vivre

Stress-relieving mother of pearl and energising malachite are the double act powering Summer Swinging Stones transformable jewels

August 4, 2020 By Rachael Taylor

Strolls at dusk, evenings at the beach, closing your eyes in the soft breeze. These are some of the feelings that have inspired the summery new fine jewellery collection from Marie Mas.


Summer Swinging Stones brings new colour to the French brand’s signature, and patented, motif – clever two-sided gems that can be flipped, either for pure enjoyment or to create multiple looks.


“To me, a moving jewel is a gentle reminder of the freedom that we have to change every day,” says Marie Mas creative director Marie Cabirou. “A reminder that there is always a brighter side.”


New for summer, the Marie Mas Summer Swinging Stones collection presents marquise-like cuts of malachite on one side of 18ct rose gold jewels, and mother-of-pearl on the other. It is a combination that Cabirou believes captures a sense of free-spirited joie de vivre.


“I have chosen mother of pearl for is luminescence and light colour, which reminds me of the dancing reflections of the sun along the sea’s surface,” says Cabriou. “It represents purity, while harnessing the gentle healing power of the sea. The stress-relieving stone helps us feel more harmonious.”


Dark-green gem malachite, too, has healing powers, according to the jewellery designer. “Malachite, known as the stone of transformation, helps bring forth energy and focus to grow along with positivity and optimism – something we are much in need of,” says Cabriou.









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