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Looking beyond the Four Cs

Join The Telegraph jewellery editor Sarah Royce-Greensill as she discusses looking beyond the Four Cs to embrace a world of alternative diamonds

February 11, 2019 By The Jewellery Cut

What makes a diamond beautiful? Is it the cut? The clarity? Or does a diamond’s allure go deeper than this? Join The Telegraph jewellery and watches editor Sarah Royce-Greensill and special guests at The Jewellery Cut Live as she discusses looking beyond the Four Cs to embrace a world of alternative, but just as beautiful, diamonds.

Joining Sarah to talk about alternative diamonds, such as salt and pepper shades or beautifully included slices, will be jewellery designer and alternative engagement ring specialist Rachel Boston, the current UK Jewellery Awards’ Jewellery Designer of the Year, and The Jewellery Cut Live exhibitor Manpriya Bath, whose brand Manpriya B specialises in Indian-inspired jewels that celebrate alternative diamonds.

Alternative diamonds have become a huge trend in jewellery design. As well as making for exciting additions to contemporary jewels, these once-overlooked gems also offer brides-to-be the chance to express their personality while still sticking to solitaires, as well as catering to smaller budgets. But are we swayed? Or will we always crave a big, clear, perfectly faceted diamond? Come and join the discussion to find out.

There are just 20 tickets available to this evening talk at The Jewellery Cut Live, taking place at 7pm on Monday February 18th, so guests will have the chance to join in the debate and put their own questions or comments across to the panellists. Taking place at 7pm on Monday the 18th, this is the perfect after-work activity for all jewellery lovers. The main The Jewellery Cut Live show will also be open late that night, until 9pm, so there will be plenty of time to look around either before or after the talk.

Tickets for Looking beyond the Four Cs, with Sarah Royce Greensill and The Jewellery Cut include access to the main The Jewellery Cut Live show and a glass prosecco – or other drink of your choice – from the bar. There will also be complementary nibbles, tea and coffee, and a manicurist from celebrity favourite Nails & Brows will be on hand to give free express polishes to anyone who has purchased jewellery at the show (until 6pm both days).


Tickets to this intimate session are limited, with only 20 places available. The talk will take place at 7pm on Monday, February 18th, 2019, during The Jewellery Cut Live, held within The Apartment at The Hoxton Holborn in London. Tickets costs £20 and include a welcome drink. Buy your ticket here



Image of Sarah Royce-Greensill courtesy of Jack Margerison


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