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It is the end of a glittering era

The Jewellery Cut founders call time on pioneering initiative and look back on four years of collaborating, elevating and celebrating contemporary jewellery

February 10, 2022 By The Jewellery Cut

The founders of The Jewellery Cut have announced that they are calling time on the project, which was set up in 2018 as a platform to elevate and support contemporary jewellery in the UK.


Over the years, founders Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk have worked with emerging and established fine jewellery designers to raise their profiles within the jewellery industry and introduce their work to a new generation of consumers through engaging editorial at, a popular social media following and live events.


The Jewellery Cut regularly collaborated with other industry bodies, including taking a delegation of British jewellery designers to Copenhagen Fashion Week, curating a pop-up shop in East London with The Goldsmiths’ Company, and co-hosting talks and initiatives with The Goldsmiths’ Centre, The Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council, the Women’s Jewellery Network, and the British Academy of Jewellery.


A highlight of The Jewellery Cut was its live jewellery shows, most recently held at The Royal Institution in London’s Mayfair and supported by headline sponsor Fuli Gemstones. At the events, visitors could discover the work of independent jewellery brands and attend a series of talks led by industry heavyweights including Alex Monroe, Anabela Chan, Carol Woolton, Joanna Hardy, Katerina Perez, Liza Urla, Wallace Chan, and more.


A key focus at The Jewellery Cut was to support emerging talent, and to this end it created a bursary scheme to gift promising jewellers a free space at The Jewellery Cut Live shows as well as a package of benefits generously supported by industry bodies including Retail Jeweller, The National Association of Jewellers, De Beers Group, and more. The winners of this prestigious award were Kelly Seymour of Cult of Youth, Ama Dhami, Aishleen Lester of Le Ster and, most recently, Jasmine Ataullah.


The Jewellery Cut co-founder Rachael Taylor said: “We have had such an adventure over the past four years creating The Jewellery Cut and building a community of jewellery lovers around us. It has been such a pleasure to work with so many designers, and I believe that we brought an injection of energy and positivity to the industry through our initiatives.


“I would like to thank each and every person who has worked with us over the years, whether as an exhibitor or speaker at one of our shows, or as a visitor, reader or collaborator. I’d especially like to thank Fuli Gemstones for its faith in us and supporting our vision to champion the many exciting jewellery designers we have had the privilege to work with. The time has now come for us both to move on to new projects, and we do so with a sense of pride in what we have achieved with The Jewellery Cut.”



Click play to step inside the final edition of The Jewellery Cut Live


Posted by: Graham Dicks

Both of you are industry champions, professional and superb at delivery. this is only the end of a project, which means we look forward to the next ones. See you around guys

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Posted by: Jose

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