Huggies may be small, but they are a mighty earring choice

Huggy earrings – tiny hoops – are a versatile jewellery box must, adding geometry to ear stacks and acting as a vessel for personalisation

Tuesday August 6, 2019 By Rachael Taylor

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Earrings of the moment tend to fall into two categories. Either, they are maximalist, loud and proud statement earrings, or they are minimalist fine adornments that work quietly but effectively, often as part of an ear stack. Huggies – tiny hoops – are defined by the latter trend.


When it comes to the matter of scale, huggies can be identified as hoop earrings that curve just below the lobe. Any lower and the style loses its minimal appeal, instead becoming just a standard earring. Lobes, naturally, come in different shapes and sizes, so what might be a hoop to one ear could well be a huggy to another; it is a matter of sizing to fit.


Huggy earrings work well for a variety of reasons. The first – and simplest – is that they are chic and comfortable. When you’ve found a huggy that is the perfect fit for you, you should forget you are wearing it.


Métier by Tomfoolery 9ct gold and diamond Skinny Point Huggies
Métier by Tomfoolery 9ct gold and diamond Skinny Point Huggies

Minimalist styles will also work well as part of an ear stack, sitting beautifully alongside other minute hoops, studs and also larger earrings. They can also be worn in multiple places on the ear, from the lobe to the cartilage, making them a versatile choice.


Métier by Tomfoolery has just launched a new line of 9ct yellow gold huggies, some decorated with diamonds, within its Luxe collection. Rather than the traditional curvaceous mini hoop, these huggies end with an upward tapered point that gives an edge to the design.


“Our yellow gold Skinny Point Huggies are designed with a sense of luxe utility and are chic, elegant and easy to wear,” says Métier by Tomfoolery founder Laura Kay. “They fit neatly to the lobe of the ear for a perfect alternative earring, fitted with a lever-back clasp that is suitable to wear as a single earring for everyday wear, including sleeping.”


Other huggies are put to work. Small hoops can be used to accommodate charms, or Ear Wishes as Robinson Pelham likes to call them. The British jeweller has a colourful range of gold huggies, which it calls Orbs, set with coloured gemstones that can be matched with similarly chromatic charms. Rainbows, dinosaurs, flamingos, letters – the choices are vast.


As is the selection of huggy earrings out there. So whether you’re looking for comfort, stackability or a vessel for your favourite charms, these small but mighty earrings are the perfect choice.



You can shop for huggy earrings from Métier by Tomfoolery, Susannah King and more at The Jewellery Cut Live during London Fashion Week on September 15th & 16th, 2019, at Hotel Cafe Royal on London’s Regent Street. Register for your free ticket here.



Susannah King textured gold Orgaya huggies

Ambra Fine Jewellery 18ct rose gold and diamond Clasped earring and solo huggy

A selection of Robinson Pelham Ear Wishes and Orbs

Kat Florence platinum, 18ct gold and diamond huggies

They fit neatly to the lobe of the ear for a perfect alternative earring, suitable to wear as a single earring for everyday wear

Marie Mas 18ct rose gold Swinging mini hoops with reversible marquise-cut diamonds and pink tourmalines

Sabine Getty gold and tsavorite Baby Memphis Wave Huggie hoops

Eva Fehren blackened 18ct gold and grey diamond The Hexagon Hoops

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