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Gallery: Day one at The Jewellery Cut Live

Jewellery lovers and professionals gathered at Hotel Cafe Royal on September 15th, 2019, for a busy opening day of The Jewellery Cut Live

September 23, 2019 By The Jewellery Cut


The Jewellery Cut Live’s September 2019 edition kicked off on Sunday, 15th September, in the Pompadour Room within Hotel Café Royal. This was the first time that the show has been held on a weekend day, and this first day alone attracted more than 500 guests to register for the event.


Within the main room of the show, which was curated by The Jewellery Cut founders Rachael Taylor and Andrew Martyniuk, guests could browse and buy the work of 27 jewellery designers. There was also a display of diamond high jewellery crafted by guest jeweller Rarever, which sponsored the evening VIP party that night. Kim Rix of The Gemstone Detective was also at the show to sell her selection of country-specific travel guides that advise gem lovers how to buy stones abroad, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.


“I cannot praise Rachael and Andrew highly enough for an amazing two days at The Jewellery Cut Live,” said jewellery designer Deborah Blythe, who used the event to showcase her fashionable silver designs. “The organisation was superb, [the event was] in the most divine venue and their support for the designers was really outstanding. Unlike many events I have taken part in, this was great fun, with a constant flow of guests throughout the two days.”


The show was busy throughout the day, attracting a mix of jewellery lovers, VIP clients, press and retail buyers. The show was open from 10am until 6pm when the space closed down in order for it to be dressed for the evening VIP party.


Emma de Sybel, director of vintage jeweller Baroque Rocks, said: “The Jewellery Cut Live was a glitteringly unique event where: jewellers could proudly show their exquisite new collections; press hounds could congregate forming words to express their awe; influencers could take to the cyber waves with imagery; speakers could inspire and educate; fashionistas could have their minds boggled with beauty; buyers could fascinate and feast their eyes for in-store collections; guests could mingle and bask in sparkling splendour. An exclusive but thoroughly inclusive two-day meeting of fellow magpie minds unified by brilliance of The Jewellery Cut.”


Also new this year was the venue. Due to an increase in the number of jewellers taking party in the show – from 16 in February to 27 in September – The Jewellery Cut sought out a new home, and landed on the Pompadour Room in Hotel Cafe Royal. The Louis XVI style room has a series of fluted Corinthian pilasters and mirrored panels with gilded frames, accented further by a rich decorative ceiling, elaborately depicting scenes of love, which lent itself perfectly to displaying fine jewellery.


“The show was absolutely fantastic,” says exhibitor Isla Gilham, whose collection of ‘bitten’ carved gemstones attracted much attention throughout the event. “The venue was beautiful and The Jewellery Cut created such a friendly and inclusive place for both designers to showcase their work and for jewellery to be enjoyed. It was a privilege to exhibit with them.”


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