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Five jewels to lift dry January

Whether you’re abstaining, training or aiming to live more sustainably, we have the affirmation jewellery to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

January 3, 2019 By Sophie Hutchinson

As we all scramble to broadcast our New Year’s resolutions to the world, across every social media platform possible, a loud clock is pessimistically ticking. You can bet that in a few weeks’ time we’ll all have given up Veganuary, eaten one too many mince pies still lurking in Christmas-ravaged cupboards, and forgotten to fill out our daily gratitude journals on more than one occasion. But don’t worry, jewellery can help.


Alas! The intention was there. As the fireworks exploded in the sky, we were genuinely hopeful that this New Year would be the one bring an abundance of new healthy habits ready to kickstart our way to a better life. While you might not have been awake for 6am yoga every day in 2019, don’t give up hope just yet – we have some jewels that might just help you step closer to that new year, new you fantasy.


Sometimes all we need to achieve our goals is a little reminding, and what better way to do that than in the form of affirmation jewellery. So here are five positive jewels we hope will inspire and motivate you to keep some of those resolutions (for at least a few days longer than you might have).


An inspirational ring for inner strength

Foundrae 18ct yellow gold and red enamel Strength ring

Whether you’re giving up smoking or need a regular kick up the butt to start that new side hustle, what better way than to adorn your fingers with an inspirational Foundrae ring? The New York-based jeweller is gaining a worldwide reputation for its colourful cigar band rings and its ranges of symbolic jewellery. Often carrying the symbols of love, karma and resilience, Foundrae jewels are a constant reminder for the wearer to embrace the meaning behind them. This particular 18ct yellow gold and enamel band has the word fuerza etched across it, which is Spanish for strength.

Foundrae 18ct yellow gold and red enamel Strength ring, £1,095



A carnelian necklace to vanquish negative energy

Piaget 18ct yellow gold, diamond and carnelian Posession necklaceMany people believe that semi-precious stones have healing properties. Rose quartz is said to bring you love, whilst green aventurine is believed to provide protection. Piaget’s Possession collection features an array of different semi-precious stones, including onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli and, a personal favourite of mine, Carnelian. Thought to protect its wearer from negative energy, Carnelian is a powerful gem. This rose gold Possession necklace also features a single 0.06 brilliant-cut diamond. Sometimes we need to trust that there is a higher power looking out for us.

Piaget 18ct yellow gold, diamond and carnelian Posession necklace, £1,500



A sustainable lab-grown diamond pendant

Kimaï 18ct yellow gold and 0.43ct lab-grown diamond Soul pendantPerhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We’ve successfully traded in our plastic coffee cups for reusable ones in 2018, so why not consider more environmentally responsible choices when it comes to jewellery? We’re not talking about chucking out your grandma’s diamonds, but perhaps from now on you could think more about the processes behind your jewellery. We know the devastating effects that diamond mining can have on the environment and Kimaï is a new jewellery brand that only uses lab-grown diamonds made in Antwerp for the conscious and responsible. As younger generations become more conscious and ethical in their purchasing, lab-grown diamonds are frequently being brought up in jewellery conversations. With the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and other billionaires investing in Silicone Valley’s Diamond Foundry, a maker of lab-grown gems, it’s clear that we are in a time of change. This Soul necklace is made in 18ct yellow gold and set with a 0.43ct lab-grown diamond, and would be an elegant addition to any jewellery collection.

Kimaï 18ct yellow gold and 0.43ct lab-grown diamond Soul pendant, £615



A clever bracelet for fitness fanatics

Bellabeat Leaf Urban smart health tracker

Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who have set themselves a fitness goal for 2019. We get it. After a good few weeks of Quality Street tin picking and festive dinners (and drinks), our waistbands aren’t quite what they used to be. Well, why not make that fitness goal a little easier with the Bellabeat Leaf Urban? This fitness tracker has been designed with women in mind; no longer must we strap on bulky watches to track our steps. This tracker has been designed to be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clip. It can track your sleep, steps and stress levels, allowing you to lead a more meditative and healthy lifestyle.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban smart health tracker, £129.99



Rings to quell the pain of dry January

Tessa Packard 9ct yellow gold Cocktail Hour ringsPerhaps the biggest January craze is to give up alcohol in the first month of the year. It’s true our livers could do with a break after hefty festivities, and researchers have confirmed that cutting out the booze for a month can have all sorts of benefits, from shaving off the pounds to reducing cancerous cells in our blood. Not much fun though, is it? To lessen the pain of this torturous virtuosity, Tessa Packard’s collection Under the Influence will allow you to feel like you’ve had a drink while your alcohol count remains at zero. As well as some beautifully colourful Mixologist earrings that will brighten up these dark days with slices of citrus fruit (see main image) that you might otherwise hope to see floating in a delicious tipple, there are also these very sweet 9ct yellow gold cocktail umbrella rings. Cin cin!

Tessa Packard 9ct yellow gold Cocktail Hour rings, £1,200 each







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