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Fabergé drops a carat on a watch

The luxury jewellery house Fabergé has unveiled its Dalliance GemAddict timepiece, which is set with customisable 1ct gem centrepiece

January 8, 2019 By Rachael Taylor

When talking about a 1ct diamond, the expectation is that it will usually be set in a piece of jewellery, so Fabergé is breaking the mould with its new timepiece. The Fabergé Dalliance GemAddict watch has just such a diamond at the centre of its dial, making it one of just a few watches in the world to boast a gem so large.


The watch, which is launching globally this month, can be customised to appeal to gem lovers. If a big diamond really isn’t your thing, you can have it swapped out for a coloured gemstone of your choice, such as a ruby or emerald. Fabergé is working with gemstone miner Gemfields to use responsibly sourced rubies from Mozanbique and emeralds from Zambia.


The large central stone is not the only gem on this fully encrusted watch, however. The Fabergé Dalliance GemAddict timepiece also has a dial smothered with 180 invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds, weighing more than 4cts. The watch hands, rather than spoke out from the centre of the dial and block the view of the diamonds, are tiny rose gold triangles that travel around its edge to tell the time.


The bezel of this 18ct rose gold watch is also a feast of gems. In this version, it has been adorned with 32 trapeze-cut Gemfields rubies, weighing 6.6cts, to complement the decorated red Grand Feu enamel disc at the centre of the dial.


“The Dalliance GemAddict is a jewellery watch for customers who are looking to carry a piece of art, beautifully executed with the highest level of craftsmanship, on their wrist,” says Fabergé timepieces director Aurélie Picaud. “Fabergé’s tradition of creativity, ingenuity and surprise is expressed throughout this timepiece – from the state-of-the-art take on a traditional mechanical movement to the Grand Feu enamel, Gemfields rubies and the space for the wearer’s unique customised artwork. Fabergé has always created bespoke gifts. With Dalliance GemAddict, we twinned that enduring legacy with the dedication and craft of the finest Swiss watchmakers to create this unique piece.”


The watch featured above, with a 1 carat diamond at its centre and ruby bezel, will set you back £140,200.


For more big-diamond watches, check out the work of De Tournemire, a Swiss watch brand founded by Jean-Jérôme and Jean-Gabriel Marteau that sets diamonds of up to 7cts at the centre of its luxury watches.


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