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Confounded by piercing? It’s time to call in an ear stylist

London jeweller Robinson Pelham has launched a new in-store service called the Ear Edit to help everyone achieve the perfect ear stack

June 10, 2021 By Rachael Taylor

British jewellery brand Robinson Pelham is launching a new service at its boutique in London’s Chelsea, called the Ear Edit, to style client’s ears.


The ear stack – a slick curation of multiple piercings – has been a long-standing, and much coveted, trend. However, getting the look just so can feel daunting. This is where the jewellers’ service comes in.


Magpies are invited to book an appointment to spend time in the store with a jewellery stylist who will curates a complete look for their lobes and beyond, using the jeweller’s substantial earring collection.


Robinson Pelham Ear Edit piercing styling service

An Ear Edit session in action at Robinson Pelham’s London store, enquire at Robinson Pelham 


Robinson Pelham has been building up its piercing offer over the past few years through its EarWish collection of versatile earrings. These tiny bejewelled charms can be added to huggies (small hoop earrings) to change and build looks. It also offers a kaleidoscope of studs and hoops, often with colourful gems or quirky animal motifs.


“[The Ear Edit service gives our clients] an understanding of how to wear it all, how it can be versatile, how to have fun putting it all together,” says Robinson Pelham co-founder Vanessa Chilton. “We have been dealing with customers for 25 years and we bring experience to issues such as skin tone, ear shape, piercing positions and confidence.”


While there is no right or wrong way to build an ear stack, a session with a Robinson Pelham ear stylist works much in the same way as a fashion stylist – you know the look you’re after, you’re just not entirely sure of how to get there. Think of the Ear Edit as a spirit guide for piercings.


Robinson Pelham Ear Edit piercing styling service

A session with an ear stylist can boost your curation confidence, enquire at Robinson Pelham 


So what would Vanessa advise when it comes to a beautifully curated ear? It’s a matter of layers: start with the largest earrings at the base of the lobe and reduce in size as you ascend. “As the fleshy part of the ear starts running out, we recommend wearing studs,” she says.


If your piercings have run out along with your flesh, that doesn’t need to be the end of the stack. “We recommend wearing our orb cuff hoops on the orbital section of the ear, which requires no piercing,” says Vanessa. “It is all about versatility and we always show our customers how to achieve this.”


Robinson Pelham Ear Edit piercing styling service

A selection of Robinson Pelham earrings, enquire at Robinson Pelham 




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