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Charlotte Cornelius finally catches the waves

The British jeweller has spent years looking for a way to translate shimmering water to jewels, and has found it in asymmetric aquamarines

September 17, 2020 By Rachael Taylor

Charlotte Cornelius has released a limited collection of aquamarine jewellery that celebrates the optical delights of sunlight reflecting off azure waters.


The Diamond Lagoon collection, which comprises just nine pieces, sets asymmetrically cut aquamarine gemstones in highly polished silver. With a different cut given to each responsibly sourced aquamarine, no two stones are the same.


Designer Charlotte Cornelius says that the launch of this collection has been many years in the making. “I would capture in photographs and video [the] patterns on the surface of the water whilst on holidays – particularly [while] sailing in the Greek islands and The Grenadines,” says Cornelius. “It took a great deal of time for me to feel like I could capture the abstract shapes and constantly moving light on the surface of water.”


Cornelius finally found a worthy representation of her vision in the custom-cut aquamarines, which she discovered at a stone dealer earlier this year. “Aquamarine are absolutely stunning and we fell in love with their irregular shapes, stunning clarity, and facets the minute we saw them,” she says.


The gems were entrusted to the artisans within Charlotte Cornelius’s in-house workshop and set in rings, pendants and earrings, with diamond accents. Each stone was set by hand, which was a particular challenge when it came to the aquamarines as they are not standard cuts.


The Diamond Lagoon jewels are now on sale at the Charlotte Cornelius store in Southsea, which is open by appointment only, as well as through The Jewellery Cut Shop and remote customers are being offered the chance to book Zoom consultations.





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