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Boodles wraps up new Ashoka diamond line

Inspired by the art of gift wrapping, Ribbons is an elegant jewellery collection celebrating mixed precious metals and an exclusive diamond cut

January 15, 2021 By Rachael Taylor

Often it is the presentation that can make all the difference to a gift. A beautifully wrapped token exudes an extra layer of magic and thought, and it is this attentive ritual that has inspired a new collection at British luxury jeweller Boodles.


“I had the idea for Ribbons in Japan,’ says Boodles head of design Rebecca Hawkins. “I was buying a gift for a friend, and was spellbound by the way the sales assistant wrapped it. The precision and care were remarkable.”


This experience had Rebecca musing on the elegance of ribbons and ties, and suddenly she began to notice this simple yet effective motif in other beautiful situations while in Japan. “Back at my hotel, I passed a wedding group,” she remembers. “The bride wore a stunning kimono — and I noticed the silk obi belt, tied in a bow at her back.”

Boodles Ribbons jewellery collection with Ashoka diamonds

Boodles 18ct gold, platinum and diamond Ribbons earrings, £7,000, Boodles 


Having struck on inspiration during her time overseas, Rebecca returned to Boodles with a head full of design ideas, and the Boodles Ribbons collection began to take shape.


Elegant twists of platinum and yellow and rose gold are pinched together in homage to the ties of ribbons, while also nodding to Japanese culture. “Using three different colours, or creating three strands, links back to Japanese culture, where [the] number three is said to be lucky,” says Rebecca. “We hope that the good luck is passed on.”


There is also the option of plain platinum.


Boodles Ribbons jewellery collection with Ashoka diamonds

Boodles platinum and diamond Ribbons ring, £10,500, Boodles 


At the centre of Boodles Ribbons rings, pendants and bangles sit a special cut of diamond – the Ashoka cut. Exclusive to Boodles in the UK, the Ashoka diamond cut has 62 facets (the average round brilliant diamond has 58 facets). Created by New York jeweller William Goldberg in 1999, its patented extra-long shape takes inspiration from a famous flawless 41.7ct diamond from the 3rd Century that was named after one of India’s most famous emperors, Ashoka Maurya. Only 10% of all rough diamonds are suitable to be cut into the Ashoka shape, and the sparkly cut can make a diamond appear larger than it is.


“Ashoka-cut diamonds look stunning,” says Rebecca. “They follow the body’s contours beautifully, but they also give off a wonderful radiance.”


Boodles Ribbons jewellery collection with Ashoka diamonds

Boodles platinum and diamond Ribbons bangle, £15,000, Boodles 






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