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Award-winning peridot jewellery designs showcase emerging talent

Chinese designers take inspiration from nature and tech as they answer Fuli Gemstones’ call to use its green gemstone in contemporary creations

March 24, 2021 By Rachael Taylor

The design brief was broad: to take Fuli Gemstones peridot and transform it into jewellery creations that celebrate Chinese culture. As such, the gemstone miner’s second annual Cultural Design Celebration attracted a large number of entries.


Judges evaluated 86 designs, but it was nine designers who really stood out and would later go on to have their award-winning work showcased at the China International Jewellery Fair in Beijing at the end of last year.


“I was extremely impressed by the creativity of each designer whose work was on exhibition,” said Mr Yu, chairman of Fuli Gemstones. “Fuli stands for natural innovation combined with positive change; we believe in nurturing and championing design talent. This cultural celebration gave each designer an opportunity to have their work recognised globally.”



The winning designs: Fuli Gemstones Cultural Design Celebration 2020



Nino Wen
18ct gold-plated silver Peace Nest set with Fuli Gemstones peridot

“Bird’s nests are a representation of home, peace and protection. The branches of the design are those of olive branches. Like peridot, olive branches are shown as a symbol of peace and hope.”




18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot Living With Bamboo bracelet, ring and earrings

“Living With Bamboo is inspired by the landscape in classical Chinese gardens, depicting swallows dancing amongst the bamboo, translated into wearable jewellery. Elegant swallows made from Fuli peridot sit upon a body of diamond-studded bamboo.”




Limit Wu
18ct gold and Fuli Gemstones peridot Harmony cuff

“[This suite is] inspired by the structure of a tree, its leaves, its growth, veins and colours. The colours of the leaves are expressed in different states from yellow to green. The free-flowing peridot within the piece represents the different layers of leaves from old to new. The centre stone represents the core energy and expresses the ultimate vision of peace.”




Laura Lai
18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot Deep Forest Whispers necklace

“[I was] inspired by the communication methods between trees. Trees use the wind to radiate invisible tentacles around the air to form language communication with themselves. Within the design, the dense net reflects the shape of wings, to represent the movement of insects that can fly around to carry the secret words of the forest.”




Liu Sun
18ct gold, pearl and Fuli Gemstones peridot A Lotus Pond earrings, ring and necklace

“[This suite is] inspired by the lotus ponds in the Old Summer Palace located in Beijing, China. Throughout the middle of summer, lotus leaves come into full bloom with a vibrant and luscious green colour, like that of the gemstone peridot. The 18ct gold frames represent the veins of the lotus leaves, decorated with pearls like morning dew.”




Lingjuan Li
18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot Dunhuang Revisited cuff

“[This design is] inspired by the murals found in the Mogao Caves, 15 miles from the centre of Dunhuang in northwest China. The cuff combines the vivid colour of peridot, set in a warm 18ct yellow gold. The texture represents the ancient engraving found within the caves.”




Mervin Liu
18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot New Core tie pin

“New Core is inspired by the growing development of science and technology throughout China. Taking influence from computer chips and combining this with ancient Chinese window grilles, New Core has an interchangeable design that can work as either a tie pin or fashionable brooch.”




Yan Wong
18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot Heroic Bloom necklace

“[This necklace is] reminiscent of a dandelion in the early morning mist. The peridot represents a floating dandelion – clean and upright – hung within drops of water. Drifting dandelion seeds, rippling in the wind, like cotton and snow, beautiful and with a tenacious spirit, go all out to take root, survive, develop and bloom to enjoy more sunshine and rain.”




Simon Huang
18ct gold, diamond and Fuli Gemstones peridot Harvest Expecting brooch

“Three diamond-encrusted birds bathe in the warm sunshine while perched on an 18ct yellow gold stem of a budding wheat plant. Peridot is used to express the unripe wheat ears, which symbolise life and prosperity.”







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Thank you . Absolutely AMAZING Jewelry .

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