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Armillon launches world’s priciest contactless bracelet

Swiss developer uses watch and jewellery skills to create a men’s bracelet that has a £200,000 contactless limit and can even start up your supercar

January 16, 2019 By The Jewellery Cut

From paying for a cup of coffee to jumping on the tube, we’re all getting used to living in a cashless society. As such, there have been plenty of clunky releases of cheap-and-nasty-looking contactless jewellery, but now Swiss luxury tech brand Armillon has created what it is claiming is the world’s most expensive contactless payment device – and it’s a bracelet.


The customisable Armillon bracelets are made with materials like 18ct gold, titanium and high-tech ceramic, with prices starting at £34,000 and numbers of each design limited to 10 at the most. The bracelets, which Armillon is pitching at men, can be used to make contactless payments of up to £200,000 through a partnership with Mastercard. There’s now no such thing as a £30 limit for Armillon men, though you’ll still need to remember your PIN to use this function.


Armillon bracelets can also be used to unlock the door to your car and start the engine, should your automobile have contactless systems in place. It can also activate other types of systems that its wearer chooses to link it to, such as access to secure locations or a safe.


If a bracelet is controlling your car, your cash and your front door, you don’t want it to run out of battery. And it would seem that Armillon has already thought of this, developing a system that allows the battery to take its charge from contactless interactions, with the brand claiming that you’ll never be left scrabbling for a charger.


Should you still not be quite across the line and ready to swap the phone already in your pocket for a very expensive bracelet, there is one final sweetener. The purchase of an Armillon bracelet also opens up a year’s membership with luxury concierge service Quintessentially.



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