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Archaeologist-turned-jeweller to make European debut

US jewellery designer Loren Nicole to showcase ancient goldsmithing techniques and historical inspirations at The Jewellery Cut Live

September 9, 2019 By Rachael Taylor


Los Angeles-based fine jewellery brand Loren Nicole will make its European debut at The Jewellery Cut Live this weekend. Its appearance at the show will give British and European jewellery collectors and buyers a chance to see the jewels up close, without having to travel to the United States, for the first time.


Loren Nicole designer and founder Loren Teetelli, a former archaeologist who has worked for the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art before discovering a love of jewellery, specialises in creating luxury jewels that are inspired by ancient metalsmithing techniques. Each year, she chooses a new civilisation to study and crafts a jewellery collection that takes the jewellery design hallmarks of that era and reinterprets them to make contemporary jewellery pieces. Previous sources of inspiration have included the Ancient Egyptians and Korea’s Kingdom of Silla.


Yellow gold chains – one of this season’s most influential jewellery trends – are some of the brand’s bestselling items. Teetelli makes each of her 22ct gold chains by hand, link by link. She adheres to classic goldsmithing chain styles, including Doric, Ionic, Grecian, Cable, Bead and Roman.


Other historic jewellery making techniques that appear in her work include granulation (dropping tiny globules of gold to build a pattern), and chasing and repousse (working sheets of gold from both sides to create a high-relief sculpture). Teetelli makes all her jewels by hand in her studio in Los Angeles, even mixing 24ct gold with other metals to create her own 22ct gold alloy that is chemically identical to the most popular gold alloy used throughout antiquity.


At The Jewellery Cut Live – which is open to press, retail buyers, collectors and the general public – Loren Nicole will present some of its newest pieces, including a series of Amulet rings decorated with gemstones that have been carved into the form of animalistic Egyptian talismans representing gods and goddesses. These unusual designs include a Paraiba tourmaline hippo, an obsidian bird to represent god of wisdom Thoth, and a rock crystal Anubis.


As well as selling direct to a loyal fan base, which includes a growing European following, Loren Nicole jewellery can also be bought at US stores including Stanley Korshak and will be launching at Moda Operandi in mid October. Loren Nicole will also use The Jewellery Cut Live to look for potential stockists to expand her reach into the European market.


“I’m really looking forward to sharing my jewellery with collectors and buyers in London,” says Teetelli. “I already have quite a few clients living here, so it will be a great opportunity for them to see new pieces and for us to meet on this side of the pond. I’m also excited to connect with new jewellery buyers and introduce them to my world of modern jewels inspired by the rich history of past civilisations.”



Come and meet Loren Teetelli and see her innovative jewels at The Jewellery Cut Live on September 15th & 16th, 2019, at Hotel Cafe Royal in London. Book your free ticket here 


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